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We look forward to receiving your product proposals

CGC JAPAN has been looking for new products that make our customers happy. We would love to hear from you regarding new product proposals which are suitable to be sold at supermarkets.

Submitting Product Proposals
Please fill out the form regarding the handling of personal information before you contact us with your proposals.

Further Communication
We may contact you with further questions.

The Handling of Personal Information

Purpose of Personal Information Use

  • To respond to your inquiry
  • To confirm by telephone, contents of your inquiry and correct email address
  • For the analysis of statistical data not personally identifiable

Regarding Release of Personal Information

  • We will not release your personal information to third parties
  • Please note that some mobile phone email addresses may not be able to receive emails from our PC email addresses. In such cases, you may not receive a response from us.


Forwarding or secondary use of either part or all of an email response from us, without our permission, is strictly prohibited.

Point of Contact

CGC Japan, Co. Ltd.  Foreign Trade Division

If you agree with the above information regarding the handling of personal information, please press the “Agree” button.

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